Friday, January 26, 2007

time is rapidly running out

I don't like to harp on Merton's strong writing on social justice and responsibilities for resistance because (1) I feel like I'm "preaching", and (2) I strongly feel that Merton's writing on these issues must be contexted within his ground of contemplativeness. However they are integral to understanding Merton. Merton's urgent voice, even these 40 years after his death, is still strong, relevant, and desperately needed.

“It is no longer reasonable or right to leave all decisions to a largely anonymous power elite that is driving us all, in our passivity, towards ruin. We have to make ourselves heard. Christians have a grave responsibility to protest clearly and forcibly against trends that lead inevitably to crimes which the Church deplores and condemns. Ambiguity, hesitation and compromise are no longer permissible. War must be abolished. A world government must be established. We have still time to do something about it, but the time is rapidly running out.” (“Passion for Peace”, p. 47)


  1. maybe we lost something by not listening to merton in those days. may we do so now!


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