Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dan Berrigan, arrested again

Dan Berrigan was arrested on Good Friday (2010) for standing with about a dozen others and attempting to dissuade tourists from going on board the Intrepid, an aircraft carried moored in the Hudson River.  On June 1st a judge dismissed charges.  You can read more about the incident on The America Magazine blogsite

[I had to add the photo to louie-louie, being that I just posted the one from 1970.]


  1. dan is the man - thanks for posting this!

  2. I hope that Fr. Dan was also voicing the names of our brave soldiers that were killed or injured.

    Nice color change on the blog Beth!

  3. thanks, Brian. I was trying out the new blogger templates, and then didn't know how to get back to what I had before!

  4. I kind of see your point Bryan - but we have the mainstream media to constantly remind us of the American military that have died or been injured. Americans like to turn a blind eye to their culpability and I think that is what Fr. Berrigan is addressing.


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