Thursday, March 3, 2011

we are wanderers

(Robert Lax hands) Photo by Hartmut Geerken

For we are all wanderers in the
earth, and pilgrims.  We have no
permanent habitat here.  The migration
of people for foraging & exploiting can
become, with grace, in (latter days)
a traveling circus.  Our tabernacle must
in its nature be a temporary tabernacle.

We are wanderers in the earth, but
only a few of us in each generation
have discovered the life of charity, the
living from day to day, receiving
our gifts gratefully through grace,
and rendering them, multiplied
through grace, to the giver.

-- Robert Lax, mogador's book 1992 68/70


  1. Aspirational...
    And inspirational!
    Thank you.

  2. Your welcome, JofIndia! And thank you for the wonderful photos and commentary from your side of the world. I find them fascinating.

  3. Very beautiful Beth!

    I believe I have discovered the life of Charity....hopefully it's not an illusion...

    So nice to see a new post!


  4. I hope to get some more Lax up here in the next few days, Brian... Glad you're still hangin on :-)


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