Saturday, December 31, 2011


Photo by JofIndia
"... the saint is an "icon" not merely in the sense that he "stands for" or "witnesses to" the divine order, but because he is truly the channel through which God's energies enter into the human world.  The saint's vision of the world is God's vision of the world, because the saint is transparent to God: in the person of the saint contemplating God, God contemplates the world."

-Rowan Williams, "A Silent Action, Engagements with Thomas Merton", Fons Vitae 2011, p. 34


  1. I feel honoured.
    Honoured that you liked my picture enough to it, I should make clear!
    Achieving any sort of sanctity may take just a little longer..

  2. there's time :-) ...

    I mostly just follow my intuition when determining what and how to add to this blog. There's no rhyme or reason, but it when I look back over it, it all belongs.


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