Wednesday, January 4, 2012

photos of Dan Berrigan released from jail, 1972

Photo copyright by John Goodwin
A couple of photos of Dan Berrigan as he was released from the Danbury prion on the 24th of February, 1972.  The photos were taken by John Goodwin.  Jim Forest is at the left.  HT to Jim.
Photo copyright by John Goodwin


  1. have you seen jim's latest photos of Fr. berrigan on flickr? 90 years old and still truckin'

    (robert crumb - now there's a blast from the past)

    danbury release press conference is here for anyone interested:

  2. thanks for that link to the danbury press release, dante. That is wild, almost shocking in its radical and daring truth. Can you imagine such a thing happening now? What happened to that insight and energy?

    It's cool to see Jim and Dan now. Wasn't Crumb the guy who did Zap comics?


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