Saturday, February 25, 2012

cows sign

Photo by Thomas Merton


  1. Hello Beth,

    Great picture. I've been thinking about it since yesterday and found myself wondering if Merton took that photo as a metaphor for how his Abbott James Fox never allowed Merton to wander outside the gate either. Thinking of that made me laugh....I can sort of see Merton smiling about the idea with a mischievous grin on his mug as well.

    A little earlier today by accident I stumbled upon the fact that on the first Sunday of Lent (that's today right?) in 1942 Merton was accepted as a Novice Monk. Seventy years ago.

    Maybe he took the picture that day.....just kidding.


  2. Thanks for your comments, Robert. I like this photo too, there's a bit of mischief in it, but I like the way the branches go over the sign and the way it's slightly off center and the contrast of the 2 woods. Probably wasn't taken in '42 because he didn't get a good camera until John Howard Griffin loaned him one later in his life. Seventy years ago seems like a whole world away from now, doesn't it? I'm trying to be more aware of the liturgical year these days.


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