Thursday, February 15, 2018

More photos of monk's burial

Photos by Don Morrissey.


  1. YES- yes

    there is a beginning a middle and a end
    the process of stars *****

    so this -----------

    FUNNY and strange *

    Life is funny
    Life is strange
    Ring the bell
    Ding in the new
    Dong out the old
    Pay the toller
    Getting older -

    I once had a puppy
    He got run over
    Now that's all over
    Getting older -

    All my friends have died
    At least there buried outside
    The's no oder
    Getting older -

    When i die
    Will i know it ???
    Maybe i will get a bill
    Funny and strange
    It's Looking like rain -

    With each new life death is born
    Thanks for the invitation
    Some vacation
    Getting older
    But not for long -

    It's beginning to rain
    Funny and strange ----

    Blessings blessings ___

    1. Ha!
      I really don't know what possessed me to put those photos up on the louie blog other than that it's Lent and yes, getting older.

      May as well put it out there.

    2. alas alas -

      may you have a happy happy lent -
      perhaps it just a girl thing -



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