Monday, August 13, 2018

living superficially

 Jonathan Williams: Portrait of Thomas Merton

“When we live superficially … we are always outside ourselves, never quite ‘with’ ourselves, always divided and pulled in many directions … we find ourselves doing many things that we do not really want to do, saying things we do not really mean, needing things we do not really need, exhausting ourselves for what we secretly realize to be worthless and without meaning in our lives.”

—Thomas Merton, Love and Living, (Mariner Books, 1979)


  1. when we find ourselves in such a situation a course correction becomes the need of the day! It is, such relevance to the current days that appeals to me from the writings/teachings of Thomas Merton. I came to know about the International Thomas Merton Society and hopefully they extend the applicability of his thoughts/views/teachings to a wider society.

    1. Me too, Anbazhagan. The words of Merton feed me. THank you for your comment.


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