Thursday, March 13, 2014

(I found this photo of Merton's hermitage on the web. No photographer was noted, but I suspect it might be Gordon Oyer)

"I love the woods, particularly around the hermitage. Know every tree, every animal, every bird. Sense of relatedness to my environment -- a luxury I refuse to renounce. Aristocrat, conservative: I don't give a damn." 
March 23, 1967

"In eight weeks I am to leave here. Who knows, I may not come back. Not that I expect anything to go wrong -- though it might -- but I might conceivably settle in California to start the hermit thing Father Flavian spoke of: it depends … Really I don't care one way or another if I never come back. 
July 29, 1968

"I really expect little or nothing from the future. Certainly not great "experiences" or a lot of interesting new things. Maybe, but so what? What really intrigues me is the idea of starting out into something unknown, demanding and expecting nothing very special, hoping only to do what God asks of me, whatever it may be."
July 29, 1968


  1. 2Cents ______________________

    alas Tom certainly got his wish
    he is in the unknown now ____

    blessings _______________________________________

    1. hmmm, bob. I'm feeling like I'm in the unknown now as well ...

  2. "I may not come back."

    Prophetic words... I was just listening lately to a podcast about Merton. And they were speculating what influence he could have exerted if he lived for another 30 years. But it wasn't meant to be. As it is, however, his influence has spread far and wide, especially through his books. Personally, he has influenced me the most among the many spiritual writers I've read. A great man indeed!

    Great photo, by the way, Beth! Thanks for sharing...

  3. more 2 Centsses _________________________

    it is in the dark stumbling around
    that all the goodist stuff is found ,
    where there is none to follow but yourself
    perhaps -

    Blessings __________________________________


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