Saturday, March 8, 2014

time is the sphere of spontaneity

Photo of Thomas Merton by Eugene Meatyard
"… when the human being recovers, in Christ, the freedom of the Child of God, she lives in time without predetermination, because grace will always protect her freedom against the tyranny of evil. The Christian then knows that time does not murmur an implicit threat of enslavement and final destruction. Time on the contrary gives scope for her freedom and her love. Time gives free play to gratitude and to that sacrifice of praise which is the full expression of the Christian’s childship in the Spirit. In other words time does not limit freedom, but gives it scope for its exercise and for choice. Time for the Christian is then the sphere of her spontaneity, a sacramental gift in which she can allow her freedom to deploy itself in joy, in the creative virtuosity of choice that is always blessed with the full consciousness that God wants God's children to be free, that God is glorified by their freedom. For God takes pleasure not in dictating predetermined solutions to providential riddles, but in giving human beings the opportunity to choose and create for themselves solutions that are glorious in their very contingency."

Merton, Thomas (2010-04-01). Seasons of Celebration (p. 46). Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Kindle Edition.


  1. 2Cents _____________________________________

    so true
    we can see in the news papers
    how humanity is choosing solutions that are glorious Amen
    i think sometimes Merton was out behind the sheep barn
    burning one .

    Blessings _____________________________________________

    1. burning a sheep???
      I like your new photo. Looks like you have a sheep barn.

  2. 2cents
    thank you on the photo like -

    i refrain to explain
    burning one on this list -

    when my true love went down the road i lived in that
    barn for 5 years before the state required me to move out
    in a new house it was a good move ----

    blessings _________________________________________

    1. looks like it could get cold in the winter time.

  3. 2cents

    a-men to that sister -
    you can freeze your buns off !

    i refrain to explain
    buns on this list -

    blessings ____________________________________

    1. I'm getting rich on all the 2 cents you leave here!


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