Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ruby Bridges


Extraordinary video and a truly holy little girl.

Back to that book about the spiritual roots of protest. Merton says that the contemplative roots of protest had to be motivated "not only by outrage but by compassion for those who, driven by fear or a warped patriotism, experience themselves as objects of protest” (from the Foreword by Jim Forest).

That sounds very much like what Ruby Bridges was doing to me.


  1. Good video, thanks Beth. What Coles is saying is what John Rosemond is saying about good, effective parenting and moral development of the child. There is the foundation of compassion provided by the church and parents, that the child's direction is from a center, church and family. This may be what permits the child's compassion to grow.

    1. We have a lot to learn from those who are descended from African American slaves. There is much wisdom born from their suffering.

  2. The living Christ manifests in the least expected ways. Thanks for this post Beth.


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