Tuesday, December 17, 2013

forgotten & healing springs

"… each man must return to God, listen to his inner voice, consciously make contact with him.  The great conversion will invariably win a blessing, one which will make man's wilderness blossom.  It will open up new perspectives and unseal forgotten springs. … A surrender without reserve is essential; then 'these things' are given back to him.  His eyes are opened and acquire a new perception.  His earth regains its fruitfulness under the healing streams, which strengthen him for his appointed tasks and give him mastery as they carry the ship of his life on its way" (pp. 38-39)
- Fr. Alfred Delp SJ, “The Prison Meditations of Father Alfred Delp”, 1963 Herder and Herder New York
See also: The Prison Meditations of Father Delp

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