Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tree trunk with snow (Harlan Hubbard woodcut)

Harlan Hubbard woodcut
Even through these trivial crowded days, I never lose sight of
the wild earth on which I live, of the ravishing perfection of its
beauty.  I stand before infinity and look out over a virgin
wilderness.  The potential for reproducing fragments
of this in a form worthy of it are endless.
Harlan Hubbard Journal, January 15, 1987


  1. 2Cents ________________________

    so this !

    Trees ...

    Frost has churned
    Trees to bare
    Naked boughs
    Frozen air _

    Swept away
    October color
    Raiment rendered
    All decay _

    Bleak and somber
    Sleeping wonder
    Clothed in white
    Winter dust _

    Blessings __________________________

    1. :-) … thanks bob. good 2 cents. I almost fell into "sleeping wonder" ...

  2. I like Hubbard's art work, especially the woodcuts. Trees with snow--what I see when I look out the windows of my home. Thanks for posting the images. Are these from the published book of Hubbard's woodcuts?

    1. I like it a lot too, James. The woodcuts are from a book "The Woodcuts of Harlan Hubbard" published by the University Press of Kentucky. I think you can get it through Amazon. I've just recently discovered Harlan Hubbard and am very impressed by his life and his art.


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