Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 3rd Sunday of Advent

"There are times when one is curiously uplifted by a sense of inner exaltation and comfort.  Outwardly nothing is changed.  The hopelessness of the situation remains only too obvious; yet one can face it undismayed.  One is content to leave everything in God's hands.  And that is the whole point.  Happiness in this life is inextricably mixed with God.  Fellow creatures can be the means of giving us much pleasure and of creating conditions which are comfortable and delightful, but the success of this depends upon the extent to which the recipient is capable of accepting the good and accepting it.  And even this capacity is dependent on man's relationship with God. 
"Only in God is man capable of living fully. … 
"How must we live in order to be, or to become, capable of happiness?  The question is one which ought to occupy us nowadays more than ever before.  Man should take his happiness as seriously as he takes himself.  And he ought to believe God and his own heart when, even in distress and trouble, he has an intuitive feeling that he was created for happiness.  But this entails certain clear convictions.  For a full and satisfying life man must know what it is all about.  He must have no doubts about being on the right road with all the saints to back him up, and divine strength to support him.  Such a life is a dedicated one, conscious of being blessed and touched by God himself."  (p.35)

 - Fr. Alfred Delp SJ, “The Prison Meditations of Father Alfred Delp”, 1963 Herder and Herder New York
See also: The Prison Meditations of Father Delp

Note: I have given up on using [sic]'s to mark the gender problems in the translation of Delp's writing.  It was probably there in the German as well.  Let it be as it is.

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