Sunday, December 1, 2013


Ralph Eugene Meatyard, photo by Thomas Merton 1968
Photograph of photographer, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, by Thomas Merton, 1968
"Jonathan Williams, Guy Davenport and Gene Meatyard were here yesterday … The one who made the greatest impression on me was Gene Meatyard, the photographer -- does marvelous arresting visionary things, most haunting and suggestive, mythical, photography I ever saw.  I felt that here was someone really going somewhere."  
-- Thomas Merton, June 18, 1967


  1. Meatyard was a fascinating individual. I did some research on him last year, which culminated in an article in F-stop Magazine.

    1. A fascinating article, David. THanks for sending it to me. I'm still kind of in the dark with Meatyard, sensing something that I can't articulate or even put my finger on. I need to spend some time with this.

      You've also got me interested in Anthotypes. I'm not a crafty person and usually get very frustrated with anything that involves a lot of ingredients. I'm not even a good gardener, but I might try this. It just might be my ticket into the backyard.


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