Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nannygoat and kids (Harlan Hubbard woodcut)

Harlan Hubbard Woodcut
This PM I headed off the goats, or part of them way up the
hollow and followed them back to the gate.  I like to watch
them -- who could enjoy the woods more.  I wish I could
get my living so directly and simply as they do.  Theirs 
is an unhurried peaceful existence, they are cared for,
and no effort or concern is required of them.
Harlan Hubbard Journal, October 23, 1961


  1. Thank you, Beth, for the postings of Fr Delp and Harlan Hubbard during this time of Incarnation. The woodcuts and journal entries of Hubbard led me to want to see more--I received the book yesterday and am pleased.

  2. Let me second James above. I was not familiar with Hubbard. Much obliged.


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