Saturday, December 14, 2013

River with trees (Harlan Hubbard woodcut)

Harlan Hubbard woodcut
I see before me the river slowly rowing past, quiet,
almost unnoticed, but I feel its power.  What can stop it?
from the Journal of Harlan Hubbard, August 14, 1935


  1. 2Cents -----------------------

    nice stuff Beth
    there is much stuff on you-tube about -anna and harlin hubbard
    also merton ---

    Blessings ___________________________-

    1. Yes. I only recently became aware of Harlan and Anna Hubbard, their life on the river, Harlan's art. Being from KY, I like becoming aware of the special artists that also have called KY home - besides Merton, Eugene Meatyard, Wendall Berry, Victor Hammer and now Harlan Hubbard. They were all digging in the same vein. I probably spend too much time on the Internet, but am glad that all this information is available.


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