Sunday, December 15, 2013

The house at Payne Hollow (Harlan Hubbard woodcut)

Harlan Hubbard woodcut
To arise in the frosty morning at the point of daybreak, climb the
hill and cut wood, while the sky lightens above the soaring trees;
to eat this wholesome, sweet food, to use my body, hands and
mind at the endless work I have to do; to read by the firelight,
to sleep warm and snug; all this shared and enjoyed by my 
loving partner -- what manner of man originated this
idea of a happier life beyond death?
Harlan Hubbard Journal, December 12, 1955


  1. Good words and image of a mindful man. What do others think Fr Louie might have said in response to "what manner of man....?"

    1. I thought that it all felt very "3rd Sunday of Advent-y" as well.

      I also think that Fr. Louie was probably well acquainted with the manner of man who turns away from this life to imagine another happier one somewhere else. That idea of happiness in some other time and some other place seems to find its way not only in the Church, but most every where (even in my own inner reckonings). Fr. Delp has more to say about claiming our own happiness that I hope to get up next week.


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