Wednesday, January 3, 2007

the pasternak connection

Perhaps it is because I so love the movie, “Dr. Zhivago” that I have long been intrigued with Merton’s correspondence with the Russian poet and writer, Boris Pasternak. Pasternak was not a “religious” man, but Merton found him to be the embodiment of a truly spiritual man.

I would like to make some notes (quotes) that are taken from The Pasternak Affair, a rather lengthy essay that Merton wrote about Pasternak’s literary works, particulary his poetry and “Dr. Zhivago”. The essay “The people with watch chains”, which was published in Jubilee magazine in 1959, is included in this longer essay, The Pasternak Affair.

Because I hope to keep my entries limited to less than 200 words, the Pasternak quotes will be spread across several days.

[Jubilee magazine was the Catholic magazine founded by Ed Rice and edited by Merton and Bob Lax.]

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