Saturday, January 19, 2008

novice master - audio/videos

Gabrielle at Contemplative Haven has links to 4 You-tube audio/videos of Merton's talks to the novices. I used to have a lot of Merton's talks on cassettes and I would listen to them in the car. It's really nice to hear him again. Gabrielle introduces these talks with some good remarks from Monica Furlong, author of "Merton, a Biography". Thank you, Gabrielle.


  1. My pleasure, Beth. It's such a joy to hear him!

  2. Hello, yes I posted the links to the Jesus prayer videos on my site with a daily reflection by one of our jesuits here at Crieghton. Thanks for posting them on youtube Gabrielle.

  3. Thanks! It's good to know. - Gene

  4. Marc, you're welcome, but just to let you know that it wasn't myself who created the YouTubes; I found them on a YouTube channel called Journeys2008, and I embedded them on my blog with a link to his Channel. Journeys2008 gets all the credit!


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