Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living with Wisdom - new and improved

Jim Forest's revised edition of Living With Wisdom is available now. This is the Merton biography that Bob Lax said that he would give to his nieces and nephews. It has long been my favorite of the Merton bios.

Here is Jim giving his own review of the book.


  1. Thanks for posting - I'm getting the Omaha Public Library to purchase this - for some reason I have more success with getting them to purchase my suggestions than Creighton.

    I talked to the reference librarian today at Creighton about "Jubilee" and the only ones she could find were at University of St. Louis. If you find the issue with Daniel Berrigan in it I can probably get that article through the interlibrary loan (if you aren't able to make a copy - thanks!)

  2. Marc, if you email me your address, I will mail you a copy of the "Berrigan at Cornell" article. It is actually a transcribed interview with Fr. Berrigan. I found it somewhat amusing reading, 40 years later.

    Making the copies was a real venture. I needed a "Mullikan Bucks" card to use the copy machine. The card could only be bought at the Parking office, which was in the basement of a building across from the library. I bought $2 worth of bucks. But then I could never get the card to work in the copy machine. I ended up finding a coin copy machine. So now, what will I ever do with these "Mullikan Bucks"?

    Oh - and I found pizzelles at the Italian grocery store. Yes, now I remember what they are, and I bought some to take to our Illinois friends' Thanksgiving tomorrow.


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