Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jim Forest British Columbia talks

From Jim Forest, always a great source for Merton commentary and lore:

Here are links to the texts of several talks given during my two-week stay in British Columbia. All but the last -- on Erasmus -- have a Merton connection. (My host was the Thomas Merton Society of Canada.) There was one other talk given at Holy Nativity Orthodox Church, but it was given without a written text.

Thomas Merton: Peacemaker in a Time of War

An Army that Sheds No Blood: Thomas Merton’s Response to War

(The first of the two Merton peace-related essays, with its Indiana Jones beginning, was intended for an audience that would include many people not all that familiar with Merton.)

Thomas Merton: Peacemaker in a Divided Christendom:

We Will All Be Changed: Reflections on the Transfiguration

Give Peace a Chance: Peacemaking as common ground:

Does Erasmus have anything to teach us in the 21st century?

A photo journal kept while I was in Canada:

Thanks, Jim!

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