Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seven Story Mountain Book Covers UPDATE

UPDATE: Brian sent a photo of his 50th anniversary (1998) issue of Seven Story Mountain (see below).  Too bad it doesn't have the price on the cover to compare to the 75 cents and 50 cents copies!  I still have the First Edition hardcover that belonged to my parents, but alas, the jacket is long gone.

I am fascinated with the stuff that Jim Forest saw on his recent visit to St. Bonaventure University.  Jim is an excellent photographer and I would like to add some of his photos to the eclectic collection of the louie blog.  (All of Jim's photos from this trip are on his Flickr site HERE.)
 Photo by Jim Forest
Photo by Jim Forest
Photo by Brian Murphy(1998 50th Anniversary edition)


  1. I particularly like the second cover: it looks like something from a "B movie". You can almost hear the trailer!
    I must follow the link and see if my own copy's cover is included..

  2. Beth - great post.

    I emailed you a pic of my 50th Anniversary edition - 1998.

    I just returned from my retreat at St. Joseph's Abbey(trappist)in Spencer, Mass. You must make a retreat is where Centering Prayer was born!

    A few of the monks there were friends of Fr. Louis.

    I love these covers - seeing them you would have no choice but to pick up and read.

    God bless !

  3. Thanks for the photo, Brian!

    I'm very much into Centering Prayer these days, Brian, and would love to make one of those 10 day Silent Retreats that they offer at the Trappist monastery in Snowmass.

    The Trappists have give us a lot of bread (and fruitcake too:-) for this journey!

  4. the signet double volume w/ it's lurid 50's kitsch reminds me of the book on the paintings of piero della francesca i've been reading.. the most obvious triangle which encloses the painting begins with the sweatered girls boobs (which initially draws the eye, at least mine) intersecting with the uppermost point of the scary monk's hood - whereupon the point of the hood intersects near the crotch of the most obvious of the 2 men wrestling - the one w/red trousers on the right of the picture frame - the bottom man muscular and struggling against a man in what looks like a sailor's garb (in this dark and foreboding environment), could probably be used in a derek jarman film


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