Monday, February 20, 2012

Lax reading 21 pages

A short German introduction, then Lax reading his work.  Totally cool, the very essence of Lax.  If you don't think you have time to listen to it, start it and then minimize the window so that it plays in the background of what you are doing.  I guarantee, it will reach you at some level.


  1. Suchness and Zen swirl as puffs of no mind as Lax playfully and lucidly
    recounts and returns us to the search of non being. He knows not knowing
    is finding the unfound. So enter into this stream of no mind. A journey Father Louie made , now it's our turn to be with Lax!

  2. Yes! You've nailed it, Said. Thank you.

    It seems that there are many ways (journeys) to the place of no mind, but just knowing that others have made it brings some kind of delight and joy to me. Almost giddiness.

  3. Hello Beth. Thanks for the recent series of postings. Question: Is that Lax 21 pages posting a video. If it is, I can't get it to run. Do you have a link to it. It sounds great...not something to miss.

    I followed your suggested link on the Trungpa comments to the early posting you had for When Profecy Had A Voice. I enjoyed Lax's comment about not missing Merton as a friend after Merton died in that to him Merton was still there but that he felt that he had lost a good correspondent. So wonderfully put. One can feel the loss, the sadness, but also the recognition and deep appreciation for the friendship that they had. Somewhat of a nod to the "eternalness" of such a friendship.

    Thanks again.... Robert

  4. Robert, the original radio broadcast is here:

    Maybe that link will work better for you. Above I put a photo of Lax and under it is a little audio thing that should play the soundtrack of Lax reading 21 pages. I hope you can hear it, one way or the other!

    Yes, I love the way that Lax speaks of his friendship with Merton too, how it is eternal ...

  5. Thanks for the link. I was able to listen to the whole thing yesterday while sewing. I want to listen again in the near future while doing nothing else but listening.



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