Sunday, April 1, 2012

one moment passes by robert lax

Filmmaker: Susanne Wiegner


  1. thanks for the encouraging comment and for posting my video!

  2. The filmmaker has made the word become flesh in this creative production.

  3. I am not a literary genious, but this poem and movie intrigued me. I listened twice. The first time with my eyes closed, the second watching the film. Interesting that the scene appears to move backwards in sections (The trees go from behind the car to in front of it while the road goes in the forward direction.) Intentional? Probably as it enhances the poem, at places, during the past tenses. I may have this all wrong but this poetic device has left me with a haunting almost emptiness that is at the same time pleasant and filling. Like I said I am not that well educated but that is how this spoke to me. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Hi Les. I'm the filmmaker and I'm glad that you are such an acurate observer! That's right, the car ride runs forward and reverse. And did you realize that the "past" in the rear mirror is slowed down?
      I've worked with three different time layers! At one very short moment in the film the different time layers fits together...

  4. you don't have to be a literary genius to get this, Les. Just listen and watch. The film and the poem complement each other, I think.

    THere is another post on this blog (about a month or more back) of Lax reading 21 pages. It takes about an hour to listen to it all, but it leaves me haunted and intrigued, as well. As if Lax is very directly speaking to me, "explaining" it all in a way that, while I listen, I understand him. Or, I'm not sure if "understand" is the right word. It's as if I hear him, in that moment, and know what he is saying. But it's not something that I can reflect on later and consider some kind of "insight". It is an immediate, in the moment thing.



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