Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mary Evelyn Jegen SND

Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen SND
Those who would take the time to look with appreciation at another person, or at a rose, a soup bowl, would soon discover that what they see is not completely up to them. What is really there does not reveal itself on demand. Only slowly, gradually, does the truth of the person, the rose, or the soup bowl make itself present. It is only with detachment and time that people can receive the truth of what they are looking at. —Mary Evelyn Jegen, SND


  1. 2Cents ____________________________________ .

    A comment on the death of a person , friend or foe .

    Words *

    This very person is now dead !

    What is there that can be said ?

    Sky blue !

    Grass green !

    Bird red !

    What are words ?

    Blessings __________________________ boK

    1. words are words!
      Having been mostly alone during the last month when I have lost my hearing for good, I think that saying and hearing words is a precious gift indeed.


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