Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nagasaki Mary

The photo is of the charred statue of the virgin Mary in the Catholic cathedral that was close to ground zero 9 August 1945.

Nagasaki: The Forgotten City


  1. excellent article Beth !! most impressive to me: '...Militarists were willing to fight to the death for the guaranteed preservation of Emperor Hirohito’s postwar sovereignty. When news of the Nagasaki attack arrived, the deliberations continued without further mention of it. That night, Hirohito broke the deadlock and sanctioned surrender...' ... until a few days ago, I had always thought that Hirohito was a pacifist trapped by Tojo during the war, now I believe that General MacArthur falsely placed the blame on Tojo [with Tojo's cooperation] in order to save Hirohito and to allow the US to rebuild Japan under Hirohito... far as guilt for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there is no shortage of guilt for WWII ... nothing can justify any act of war, however, my opinion is that if the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not brought some compassion on Japan, and MacArthur had not succeeded in protecting Japan after the war, Japan may have suffered an even more brutal retaliation than the bombings ?? '...Ending with Japanese surrender in August 1945, the war in China left between 14 and 20 million Chinese dead, and created as many as 100 million refugees...' it is sad to me that China's suffering during the war is often overlooked ??


  3. my professor in Cultural Geography: his entire village, on the east coast of China when the Japanese Army attacked in the late 1930s, unburied their dead, wrapped them in traditional manner, packed everything, including their college, on their backs, and walked across China only a few miles ahead of the Japanese Army, and most of their community survived until the end of the war...

  4. 2Cents ________________________________

    Thank you for your good posting Beth -

    To notice - Merton was censured for his antiwar
    writing by the Church there seams to be a strong
    psychological connection between worship and warship
    through out human history all worship has degraded into war
    it may well be that mankind's final solution will be self destruction -

    so this --

    just sit _

    just breathe __

    this sitting
    this breathing
    this blessing ________



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