Friday, December 16, 2016

What's Wrong with Mindfulness

"Spiritual practice is the antithesis of the “means to an end” thinking that characterizes our usual secular point of view. The radical benefit of meditation as a spiritual practice is that it offers a way to step off the treadmill of asking questions like How am I doing? Am I there yet? Am I getting better or worse? It is an alternative to a world in which everything is a technique that can be done well or badly." 
Barry and Bob Rosenbaum, editors of What’s Wrong With Mindfulness, are interviewed by Sam Mowe about their book's major themes.


  1. 2Cents __________________

    So this ------------------

    FooD just FooD

    Tripping from Tennessee to Michigan
    the bus arrived at the station of
    Indianapolis i hurried across the
    Street to the White Castle and
    received the sacraments of
    burger and coffee, food, just food
    perhaps all the universe is food only -

    December Blessings -------------- boK

  2. White Castles are still around???

    Merry Xmas, bob! Stay warm and keep receiving the sacraments!

    1. yes, yes White Castles r eternal !

      blessings _____________


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