Thursday, February 2, 2017

a flash of sanity

"Anunciation" by Thomas Merton; photo by Jim Forest
"At least a flash of sanity: the momentary realization that this is no need to come to certain conclusions about persons, events, conflicts, trends, even trends toward evil and disaster, as if from day to day and even from moment to moment I had to know and declare (at least to myself): This is so and so, this is good, this is bad; we are heading for a “new era” or we are heading for destruction. What do such judgments mean? Little or nothing. Things are as they are, in an immense whole of which I am a part, and which I cannot pretend to grasp. To say I grasp it is immediately to put myself in a false position, as if I were “outside” it. Whereas to be  in it is to seek truth in my own life and action, by moving where movement is possible and keeping still when movement is unnecessary, realizing that things will continue to define themselves and that the judgments and mercies of God will clarify themselves - and will be more clear to me if I am silent and attentive, obedient to God’s will, rather than constantly formulating statements in this age which is smothered  in language, in meaningless and inconclusive debate, and in which, in the last analysis, nobody listens to anything except what agrees with his own prejudices." 

-Thomas Merton, Learning to Love, page 366


  1. thankyou thankyou

    Blessings ---- boK

  2. I'm not sure that Fr. Louie would day the same thing if he read this morning's newspaper, Bob.

    Seems to me that we need to find a way to speak to this. Looking.

  3. 2Cents ------------

    From as i see Merton,he very introspective and
    gets tripped up on his own thought process unable
    at times to take a hard look at the human condition
    and Indecisive wanting so to speak embrace all -
    Most are anti war and nuclear war and to think
    God/god/him/her/is going to somehow work it
    all out or one could pray it away i think is illusion . .
    You look at western religious tradition and they
    are all warring traditions since Charlemagne the
    Catholic the ancient Jewish and Muslim tradition all
    people of the Book --
    People want a perfect life and style a money style
    No pain or death style a heaven if you will right now -
    This is not a reality far cry from “ there is suffering “
    as i look at it we could find the world back in the
    dark ages political chaos and confusion -
    It is not that the Transcendence Is dark but men's
    Hearts are deluded, and bring violence upon themselves -
    If there is going to be a second coming
    It will have to be in the hearts men ------------------------------

  4. alas -------------
    most are unformed voters -
    and vote for one party or the other or none at all
    a large percentage have no interest in government
    and just want more stuff and like the good and more
    more promises of the politician - many who could make
    a difference are not even registered to vote i wonder
    how many in religious institutions voted i am sure
    many Catholics voted for Donald because of the abortion
    thing which is not a political issue but a issue of the mother-
    there is protest and justifiable civil disobedience but bringing
    political awareness to problem on a collective scale would from my thinking a exultant start to solving the problem
    a poetical Mass so to speak a Eucharist --

    thank you thank you
    blessings be
    happy happy you
    happy happy me
    happy happy be
    to where ever beings be ------------ boK

  5. Interesting thoughts, bob. Thank you for your 5 cents!

    I don't have a clue anymore, as to what is going on, but I like what you say about abortion being about the mother. So few people say that.

    I'm also keeping my eye on Francis.

  6. What TM wrote reminds me of the advice from a supervisor during my time in mental health care: "It matters but it doesn't matter." Since we worked to help others, we were acting out of hope not resignation. " be in it", as TM wrote, I believe is that non-duality Rohr writes much about, and one can act out of "God's will", this requiring silence and attention, rather than be stuck in the debate. I like what TM wrote in the lower left of his Anunciation drawing: Pray for TM. Oh, I agree, abortion is about the mother not political.

  7. thankyou thankyou -

    thoughts and views evolve
    if Merton were writing today
    i think his views would much different -
    Rohr has similar insights as Merton
    also there is a Father Sean Olaoire
    x catholic priest that is a interesting reading
    both are on youtube - dont know about Frances
    until the Church recolonizes women's issues i
    don't think Frances will do much -


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  9. 2Cents ____________

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    happy Happy blessing be ___________ boK

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    blessings _______________________________ bok


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