Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Why talk about the somersault,
the leap and landing as such a
great thing? It is great and small.
It is a high achievement for man &
no achievement at all for god or angel.
It is proud and humble. It represents
graceful victory over so many obstacles;
the most elegant solution of so many
problems. And yet like the blossoming
of the smallest flower or the highest palm,
it is a very little thing, and very great.

Think, Mogador, of the freedom in a
world of bondage, a world expelled
from Eden; the freedom of the priest,
the artist, and the acrobat. In a
world of men condemned to earn their
bread by the sweat of their brows, the
liberty of those who,
like lilies of the field, live by
playing. For playing is like Wisdom before
the face of the Lord. Their play is
praise. Their praise is prayer. This
play, like the ritual gestures of the
priest, is characterized by grace;
Heavenly grace unfolding, flowering
and reflected in the physical grace
of the player.

— Robert Lax, from “In The Beginning was Love”, a collection of Lax writings compiled by S.T. Georgiou. Originally from Mogador’s Book, (68, 70)


  1. He seems to anticipate Henri Nouwen's love of the circus as a metaphor of God and humanity:

    1. Yes. Lax also sees the Circus as metaphor for Creation itself.

      As for me, I'm finding the balance of play & praise to be rather tricky. Easy for me to fall off the beam. Watching Sr. Wendy now.

    2. Finding perfect balance, as circus acrobats know all too well, takes years of trial and error.
      Maybe the dichotomy between prayer and praise is a false one, born of our culturally ingrained dualism. Perhaps true praise can only be truly realised through playing with God?

    3. That rings true for me, J. I probably am most at prayer when I forget myself.

  2. thank you thank you
    blessings be


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