Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Reinhardt in Jerusalem

"When I turned the corner past a small Rothko, I broke into a smile: here, in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, I found a 1966 Ad Reinhardt painting, lingering around, unattended as usual. I had hoped that there might be a Reinhardt here in the museum’s modern collection, but it was still like running into an old friend on the concourse of a foreign airport. Halfway through an intellectually and emotionally intensive study program, relaxing into Reinhardt’s matte black panel was the refreshment my spirit needed at that moment.  ... " Read more here.

Reinhardt, Abstract Painting, 1966, Israel Museum.
"... Despite his friendship with Merton, Reinhardt was no Christian, and he was deeply suspicious of art being “used” for religious purposes, or for any other purpose besides “art-as-art,” as he named it. But if they have any religious referent, Reinhardt’s interest in Taoism and Zen Buddhism may have led him to choose this form as a framework of absence, as a depiction of enlightening darkness. After about twenty minutes, my eyes had adjusted enough for a flash of blue to leap out of the middle horizon, and then a burst of gold to blossom deep within the vertical center “stripe” of the painting. The various squares of black hovered in front of me, teasing my eyes with the prospect of more to see.... 
"... the dark complexity of life in the Holy Land, and for the need to attend to its peoples and their stories humbly and with careful attention ...
"... We in the United States, and we in the Christian church and other religious communities, owe Jerusalem enough sustained attention for it to reveal itself to us...."
by Brian Flanagan (@BrianPFlanagan), from Daily Theology site


  1. 2Cents ______________

    so this --------------------------

    soul -

    soul -

    Where is thy soul ???

    a shadow only!

    cast in total
    darkness ________

    Happy blessings *

  2. Like a Reinhardt painting, how what we do/make needs the light.

    1. Reinhardt is a continual challenge for me. He is really stripping stuff down to an essence. I saw 2 of his earlier paintings in DC in October, and I felt like I was getting a better sense of what he was conveying in those paintings, than the black ones. Maybe I need to sit before one for a long time. I don't trust my imagination.


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