Wednesday, April 29, 2020


This is so good.

An excerpt:

I thought of Thomas Merton, who originally conceived of his flight to the Trappist monastery as a way of "drowning" to the world and all its compulsive and self-destructive habits. And yet his attitude shifted. He saw his vocation to solitude as a form of witness, a point of solidarity with humanity, a call to others to reclaim their true humanity and freedom and shake off the noise of ideologies and mass culture. And he remained vitally engaged with a wide circle of fellow pilgrims through his correspondence and writings.


...  a call to others to reclaim their true humanity and freedom and shake off the noise of ideologies and mass culture ...


  1. Well happy happy
    so this


    i spent better then 2years in a Benedictine monastery
    and a half-year in a Tibetan monastery and aside any formal
    ceremonies it was rather noisy and somewhat chaotic and if you want solitude the best way to start is by keeping your mouth
    shut the enemy of solitude is ones personal opinion whether
    spoken ore thought and mostly wrong- the noise of ideologies
    there is nothing worst than a bunch of monks having a argument
    about God or the Buddha - you have to be happy with yourself
    if you are going be happy by-yourself and this is the very reason why most dislike being alone its really a problem of the lack of psychological development- the real original sin if you will- not the snake in the garden thing yaha yaha the snake did it yaha yaha - the Church needs to discard much of its medieval illusions it going to go out of business - yes yes a happy mind is a quiet mind and it helps to have a good dose of laziness -
    Alas two cents you can use if you choose
    Happy blessings ___________________________

  2. "we are all, more or less, wrong" ...

    and some of us go thru a lot of belly aching before we hear the love.

    agree about Church.

    my 2 cents.

  3. I know that I idolize "monks",
    but, being shy and introverted
    the monk inside me
    is my best guide.

    3 cents

  4. Thanks -
    the monk inside is the best guide - Amen i c that hand -
    happy blessings _______________________________________________


From Dorothy Day’s editorial in the Catholic Worker on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.