Friday, January 29, 2021

Our Times are Apocalyptic

(Twitter/ICAN Australia)

“There is no need to insist that in a world where another Hitler is very possible the mere existence of nuclear weapons constitutes the most tragic and serious problem that the human race has ever had to contend with. Indeed, the atmosphere of hatred, suspicion and tension in which we all live is precisely what is needed to produce Hitlers.

“It is no exaggeration to say that our times are Apocalyptic, in the sense that we seem to have come to a point at which all the hidden, mysterious dynamism of the “history of salvation” revealed in the Bible has flowered into final and decisive crisis. The term “end of the world” may or may not be one that we are capable of understanding. But at any rate we seem to be assisting in the unwrapping of the mysteriously vivid symbols of the last book of the New Testament. In their nakedness, they reveal to us our own selves as the men whose lot it is to live in the time of a possible ultimate decision.”

Thomas Merton, Nuclear War and Christian Responsibility, an article that appeared in Commonweal Magazine

Note: On January 22, 2021, the U.N. treaty declared that the manufacture, possession, use or threat to use nuclear weapons is illegal under international law, 75 years after their development and first use. The Beginning of the End for Nuclear Weapons

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  1. Wow. Lots to process here. Gonna take me awhile.

  2. 2Cents _________________

    yess yess
    i read all the - the bombs are falling from the sky stuff -
    perhaps the best antidote agenst sech insanity is to enjoy a tasty
    bowl of rice and get a good nights sleep and a trust in goodness -
    the universe keeps its own serects -
    Happyhappy Blessings ___________________________________

    1. yep, trust in goodness. amen, amen.
      meanwhile I'm gonna keep calling crazy that which I see as crazy.
      and there sure is a lot of crazy going on.

    2. Also - I read this on Dan Rather's Twitter feed today:

      There is a lot that is wrong, very wrong and tragic in the world. But one thing I love is that we seem to be in a golden age of apples - crisp, flavorful, an impressive array of goodness in perfect natural packaging. Red apple

  3. so this occured to me
    a crazy crazy


    The eggs
    are falling
    the trees -

    the chicken
    know where
    its childern are ?


    Scrambled !

    How frightful !!!

    Amen ______________________



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