Tuesday, March 23, 2021

celebrate the burden

One’s humanity is not primarily an inheritance or a gift from on high. Living humanly has a price attached. Let us pay up, and gladly. Knowing as well that the opposite, living inhumanly, pays huge dividends in a crooked world.

Celebrate then, the burden.

Daniel Berrigan


  1. celebrate the burden !!!
    yes yes
    the garden we have been appointed to live in
    by GOD is just a bad story along with the
    imortal soul thing i see no where in the Church
    teaching that thies are articals of faith __________

    so this _____

    ZAzen ________________

    When sitting
    I just sit -

    Tears fill
    all the universe -

    For all the ones
    who are just dying -

    For all the ones
    who are just being born -

    How painful
    all of this -

    Who is not alone ?

    Just sitting -


    1. don't know about "articles of faith" ...

      as they say these days: it is what it is.

  2. good answer
    who does !
    what you think is what it is
    Happy blessings _______________________


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