Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dorothy Day on TV

These 3 videos are a real treat. A half hour video, broken down into 3 10-minute segments of a an interview with Dorothy Day and Tom Cornell, then secretary of the Catholic Peace Fellowship. Tom looks so young!

part 1)

part 2)

part 3)

I have read books about Dorothy, read her diaries, and seen many photos of her. But I have never been able to get a handle on who Dorothy was, and how she was. This interview makes her "real" to me. The woman Merton knew, admired, and followed.

It also reminds me of the hope of a "radical Catholicism" that was once apparent, but now seems to have gone underground. Where is it?


  1. It's around. For example, at Catholic Charities here in Omaha, at conclaves for the different departments, employees were enjoined to ask John Lennon and Dorothy Day, among others, to pray for them, to the annoyance of some of the participants (like my work buddies from the Campus for Hope).

    I hope Father Carl Kabat is doing alright. I got a Xmas message from him and he sounded in excellent spirits. His court hearing was the 22nd Dec.

  2. Hi Beth -

    I will check out these video's tonight - as my work has all online videos blocked.

    I think there is REAL Catholicism lived out today. According to the "world", very radical. Catholics who pray outside of abortion mills (suffering persecutions), Catholics who work with illegal immigrants, Catholics who feed the poor in soup kitchens and on the streets - and certainly Catholics who work through politics, trying to end the death penalty, trying to preserve that dignity of the human person. Also some who live the religious life i.e. Missionaries of Charity, whose fouth vow is whole-hearted and free service to the poorest of the poor. The sisters, brothers and priests of this order only see their families once every ten years. Now that is radical to me.

    Yes - I believe the Church is alive and well - doing all kinds of good works around the world. I think Dorothy Day would be happy - but would push us to do even more.

    God bless!!

  3. Thanks for the optimism and encouragement, guys. Maybe I'm looking back too much, instead of looking forward.

  4. Seeing Rep. Bart Stupak willing to suffer the ravages of his own caucus to defend the right to life of the unborn in the healthcare bill strikes me as some of the best of REAL Catholicism.

    Not to mention manliness that guys like me don't get good examples of from politicians these days.

  5. You're right, Craig, Rep. Stupak is a good example of a real Catholic today. Thank you for reminding me.


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