Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lax Gravesite Photo

Photo by James Sedwick
I'm not sure if the angel is part of the gravesite or not.  When I was there last year I did not notice the angel, but I've seen other photos of Lax's final resting place which include it.  It seems like it serendipitously is supposed to be there.


  1. the shadows look vaguely menacing

    i love photos of gravesites of talented odd fellows

  2. it is the solstice, you know, Mr. Edwards. Shadows are in order.

  3. I'm interested in the comment about the shadows: when I made the photograph, the shadow, winding over the graves, intrigued me, and I wanted it to be prominent, along with the angel. The shadow has a menacing feeling to me, too. I wanted to contrast that shadow, like a stormy surface of a body of water, with the inner calm river that Lax identifies in his poem.

  4. Beth

    I have a couple of personal photos of Robert Lax at Louisville Kentucky attending the Merton-Maritain Symposium in 1980.

    Please send me your email so your readers can share them.



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