Saturday, October 15, 2016

Your Darkness (no-man's land)

King Minos, Thomas Merton art

But oh!
How far I have to go to find You in Whom I have already arrived!
For now, oh my God, it is to You alone that I can talk,
because nobody else will understand.
I cannot bring any other on this earth
into the cloud where I dwell in Your light,
that is,
Your Darkness,
where I am lost and abashed.

I cannot explain to any other
the anguish which is Your joy
nor the loss which is the possession of You,
nor the distance from all things
which is the arrival in You.
nor the death which is the birth in You
because I do not know anything about it myself
and all I know
is that I wish it were over
-- I wish it were begun.

You have contradicted everything.
You have left me in no man's land.

- Thomas Merton
Dancing in the Water of Life, page 175, excerpted


  1. 2Cents ___________

    yes yes
    there is darkness
    so this ----------------

    darkness *

    as a flower
    blooms _

    across the years
    days of noon _

    of the nights array
    the brightness
    of the
    day _

    blessings _____ boK

  2. Thank you. These occasionals greatly encourage me in my journey.

  3. Blessings every one -
    Beth and Daniel __

    1. thank you thank you too,
      for all the work you do on your site -
      good stuff all -
      blessings -----------------------



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