Friday, October 26, 2018

The News, continued

" ... And then, beside the few real horrors, there are the countless pseudo-events, the come-on's, the releases, the statements, the surmises, the slanders, the quarrels, the insults and the interminable self-advertising of the image-makers.

"We believe that the "news" has a strange metaphysical status outside us: it "happens" by itself. Actually, it is something that we fabricate. Those who are poor artisans make only pseudo-events. These are the tired politicians and businessmen, the educators, writers, intellectuals and the tiredest of all, the Churchmen."

- Merton "Events and Pseudo-Events", Faith and Violence, 1967, p. 152


  1. yesyes

    the news gives one a insight into the
    chaos that resides in the human condition
    in a certain way all news is defective and deceitful
    as per Merton because of the deceitfulness born in
    the minds of men and portrayed as brilliance Politics
    and Religion are the most corrosive devices conceived
    the chief caused of all wars


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