Thursday, January 6, 2022

The touch of the angel

 The angel wakes the magi to alert them of the star. From a carving by a man named Gislegertus at the Cathedral in Autun, France.

Epiphany - Dream of the three kings Gislebertus

Here he adopts a Romanesque convention of showing the three kings in bed together under the one blanket. It must have been uncomfortable in the bed, wearing their crowns, but this was of course the only way of indicating that they really were kings. The embroidered blanket seems to move in harmony with the face, halo, sleeves and wing of the angel in one graceful, circular movement. It is as though the angel has slipped suddenly and silently in. With one hand he points to the star which will guide them safely home. With the other he touches one of the kings, who opens his eyes. The angel, despite his broken nose, still conveys a wonderful sense of gentleness.

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