Sunday, April 10, 2022

conscious suffering

Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem, 1842-1848 - Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin

"There is a piece of suffering which is a river that flows through the human condition and is part and parcel of our arising itself. Eckhart Tolle talks about it as the 'collective pain body of humanity.' Conscious awakening does not put a final end to suffering, but rather, allows us to bear it in a way that is luminous, generous, and ultimately sacramental. Through our prayers and our presence, we take our part in bearing the cost of this precious divine finitude, in which and through which infinite love is revealed. 

"What we do know is that great injustice, cruelty, physical pain, or betrayal, when consciously accepted and generously borne, can give rise to a peculiarly luminous and healing quality of love, and that this love radiates out from the site of the pain as a source of healing and hope for the entire cosmos."

Palm Sunday, Cynthia Bourgeault from 'Conscious Suffering'


  1. 2Cents _______________________________

    We suffer--- this could be any excitable
    experience where the emotions are captured
    by the imagination and not discarded -

    Happy Easter blessings ___________________

  2. yess yess

    I think there is a distinction
    physical pain and suffering and
    there is confusion about this
    distinction but both could be
    experience at the same time -

    Happy blessings

    1. I don't think that there is a distinction.
      I think that Body and Soul are one.


From Dorothy Day’s editorial in the Catholic Worker on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.