Monday, October 5, 2015

religion (Lax)

finding the right culture, finding the ‘’right’ religion, is important, as a
personal choice; but more important is the progress you make — the
progress you find you can make — once you have found it.

it’s enough, but not quite enough, to wish to be a good jew
it’s enough, but not quite enough, to wish to be a good catholic

to be a good jew, or to be a good catholic, is really just a start toward what
you may (& really should wish, with G-d’s grace) to become

(to be a saint, yes; to be a contemplative, yes, to be a mystic, yes)

but at the point where one is living a fully spiritual life, a contemplative and
mystical life, he is out beyond the delimiting terms of any particular

- Robert Lax, Lax Journal, June 21, 1979, St. Bonaventure University
[from Michael McGregor's book, "Pure Act, the Uncommon Life of Robert Lax pp. 349-350]


  1. One is born in a culture. One is born in a religion.
    By the time one recognises that there is a choice, it is late in life. Nevertheless some are able to pursue their choice. It happens to them! Most of the time accidentally. The maturity enabled by their culture also enables them to embrace another path. If one is able to stay true to one's own actually there is no need to change. It is the enabling environment that is needed. So many may be silently engaged in it with no clue for others to know.
    Good thought.


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