Tuesday, October 6, 2015

saint (Lax)

saint: I may have gotten myself into trouble with that one.  i was telling him [Merton] to be one. (& i think he may have gone right out & done it.) what i'd mean by it now is to be, hope to be, hope to get to be, the person you were created to be.
- Robert Lax to Don McCoy, June 17, 1983, Robert Lax Papers, St. Bonaventure University
[from Michael McGregor's book, "Pure Act, the Uncommon Life of Robert Lax p. 357]

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  1. 2Cents __________________

    perhaps all are saints its just a matter of process
    you just got to knoew that humanity has produced more
    saints then the " Church " could ever canonized -
    many beat the drum of church and state but few create
    there own music certainly Merton and Day were writers of songs -

    blessings ___________________________________________ boK


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