Thursday, October 1, 2015

we carry the memory of the earth

 Calligraphy by Thomas Merton
Fashioned from clay, we carry the memory of the earth. Ancient, forgotten things stir within our hearts, memories from the time before the mind was born. Within us are depths that keep watch. These are depths that no words can trawl or light unriddle. Our neon times have neglected and evaded the depth-kingdoms of interiority in favor of the ghost realms of cyberspace. We have unlearned the patience and attention of lingering at the thresholds where the unknown awaits us. We have become haunted pilgrims addicted to distraction and driven by the speed and color of images.
— John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, from Whiskey River.


  1. 2Cents _______

    sit _____________

    just sit _

    just breathe _

    This sitting
    This breathing
    This blessing _

    alas we are dirt
    like trees we have limbs
    and rooted in the stars
    wisdom is in the body
    not the mind as is supposed
    to just sit and breathe
    is in its very self wisdom
    but not very accepted
    so life is lived out of the mind
    ln turmoil and confusion -

    Blessings ______________________boK



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